Ice Dragon in Game of Thrones Season 8 and Interesting Facts


In the last scene of the epic, almost hour and a half long “Game of Thrones” season finale, we at last observe what has happened to Viserion.The Night King slaughtered Viserion in a week ago’s scene of “Round of Thrones” and transformed the mythical beast into a White Walker or wight.

In the finale, we got a gander at how the Night King has begun to utilize Viserion as a weapon. The Night King rode on Game of thrones 8 Viserion’s luck run out, where Viserion continued to inhale blue fire upon it, in the end softening and toppling it — permitting the military of White Walkers and wights to cross the obstruction that has kept them out of Westeros for a considerable length of time.

Be that as it may, some “Round of Thrones” fans, it appears, are somewhat befuddled about what Viserion is after his revival and have been alluding to him as an “ice winged serpent.”The perplexity bodes well. The blue blazes leaving Viserion’s mouth could without much of a stretch be mistaken for ice, yet these aren’t ice flares — they’re simply blue flares.

George R.R. Martin has recently said ice winged serpents are a totally extraordinary animal varieties, not at all like the “normal mythical beasts” that we’ve come to know on the show.This is what Martin needed to state about ice mythical serpents in “A World of Ice and Fire”:

“These huge brutes, ordinarily bigger than the mythical serpents of Valyria, are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of light blue gem and tremendous translucent wings through which the moon and stars can be seen as they wheel over the sky.

“Though regular monsters (if any mythical serpent can genuinely be said to be normal) inhale fire, ice winged serpents evidently inhale cool, a chill so horrible that it can solidify a man strong fifty-fifty a heartbeat … As ice mythical serpents as far as anyone knows liquefy when killed, no genuine confirmation of their reality has ever been found.

So take note of that transforming Viserion into a White Walker or wight winged serpent did not, truth be told, change the sort of mythical beast he is, notwithstanding the frigid shade of his blazes. Viserion is currently simply an undead monster with blue pigmentation that reflects that of an ice mythical beast.

After a nail-gnawing fight in “Past the Wall” (where a larger number of characters made due than we expected, to be completely forthright) the Night King managed a final knockout to one of Daenerys’ mythical beasts — Viserion.

Be that as it may, seeing Daenerys lose 33% of her dragonpower, and one of her youngsters, wasn’t the finish of the loathsomeness. The scene finished up with Viserion being hauled up from the solidified lake by wights with tremendous chains. The Night King moved toward the brute, contacted its face, and the winged serpent’s eyes opened again — yet this time they were splendid blue.

Does this mean Viserion is currently a wight, like the polar bear that assaulted Thoros before in the scene? Or then again is the mythical serpent now progressively like the White Walkers? All things considered, the Night King didn’t physically contact the dead in “Hardhome” when he transformed them into wights — he simply raised his arms. What’s more, does it change the way his dragonfire works?

Back on the second season, when one of Craster’s infants was taken by a White Walker, we saw the Night King contact an infant and turn its eyes blue. Many have expected this implied the Night King was transforming people into White Walkers — which are entirely unexpected from wights.


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