Book Review of Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo

On the double captivating and shrewdly inventive, Ricardo Alexanders’ Bollywood Invasion enrapts perusers with a fun and fantastical story about growing up, set in an all around presented converging of the real world and fiction which outperforms the compasses of time and landmasses.

Quickly the story attracts you, as at first, we meet John Palmieri living in current occasions in Brooklyn; he’s a geek and Beatles darling in secondary school and unsatisfied with his lower working class presence. Things begin with him in the throes of a fantasy, by and by being bested by his most despised foe Frank Castellano. He severely dislikes Frank, who appears to have far beyond John; more astute mouth, greater house, more companions, better stuff, including, the consideration of the young lady he covertly adores – Samantha.

The genuine experience starts when destiny collides with his life, by means of a mishap, thumping John oblivious. At the point when John gets up, he winds up in a parallel presence, where he has been transported back so as to late 1950’s, India. He awakens as multi year old Raj Scindia, a ruler in the Indian imperial family. Normally, he’s at first befuddled by his sudden transportation to a totally outside life and culture with numerous amusing minutes resulting as he endeavors to fold his head over what has transpired.

Then, as John adjusts to his new life, he understands he all of a sudden has the existence he has constantly longed for, an actual existence which presently incorporates cash, riches, excited ladies and broad benefits. Nonetheless, just as being rich and favored, the ruler whose life John has assumed control, likewise incorporates a few startling issues, for example, being locked in to a young woman through pre-organized marriage, having the notoriety of being a ruined, two-timing scoundrel, just as being a second year understudy in a mechanical designing school. At last, choosing to make the best of his new conditions, John plays his advantaged new life to the grip; he fakes being clairvoyant and gatherings not by any stretch of the imagination considering his new life excessively important until he meets the closest companion of his guaranteed life partner, Ankita and falls immediately head over heels for her which inside his new culture offers ascend to numerous issues.

While searching for approaches to prevail upon her, John invasions into the universe of music by joining a neighborhood band and uses his broad learning of Beatles tunes to move his gathering “The Beetos” to “Beatles” status making him and his gathering heroes, along these lines making a parallel universe with the Bollywood rendition of the Beatles. Therefore, their recently discovered popularity accompanies unforeseen repercussions, as the story advances with situations that parallel occasions that truly occurred with the celebrated Beatles.

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